Nepal Africa Film Festival - 2017 Sep 18 - Sep 20 · Russian Center of Science & Culture (Nepal)· Kathmandu


Nali Norah Rita Uganda Media Women Association

I had never envisioned myself in the field of film festivals. Now, I consider myself very fortunate in regards to being part of the Nepal-African Film Festival 2012. It is foundation for my adventure into film festival organization, marketing, public relations and promotion. Thus, not only strengthening my knowledge and skills, but also giving me more to offer in my career as a journalist.

Great thankfullness to FK Norway that sponsors my being part of the festival organising team, CJMC the brain behind the festival, CJMC partners especially UMWA, my home organization. Your entrusting me for this assignment in Nepal, is a milestone in my career advancement and self confidence.

Celina Peter Mwakabwale Tanzania Media Women Association

On behalf of Tanzania media Women's Association - TAMWA, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to FK Norway for giving me the opportunity to work with College of Journalism and Mass Communication in organising the Nepal-Africa Film Festival for the second time in Nepal.

Organisation such as international event, is an additional value to my profession especially in event organising, marketing and public relations.

Dr. Robert S. Kittel Direction of Education, UPF-Asi

What an amazing ideal ! Never before has a film festival on Africa been held in Nepal. Dr. Manju Mishra and the College of Journalism and Mass Communication are to be commended for this victory and ground breaking venture.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is honored and happy to be a part of this unique history. One of the main principles of UPF is that "peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethinicity, religion, and nationality." Holding a film festival in Nepal with the theme, "Seeing Africa through the African Eyes" is certainly in line with this objective. Last year UPF held Africa Day celebratjions in more than a dozen nations around the world - including Nepal. In New York City, in collaboration with the Africa Union, UPF hosted a gala celebrations to mark Africa Day 2010 sponsored by the United Nations. Our chief guest was UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-noon.

Already our New York office is excited about this very distinctive event and eager to share this with our international network.
Nepal's Africa Day is going global!
Again congractulations !

Aaron Mushengyezi

Nepal-Africa Film Festival is a unique initiative by CJMC. It has opened new boundaries of cultural and intellectual co-operation between Africa and Asia. This kind of south-to-south co-operation is rare, for we are more accustomed to south-north co-operation; mostly between Africa/Europe and Africa/United States.

The festival was very unique and has a unique focus: the Festival is about Africa and Nepal. That is rare. The experience at the festival was largely good. It although lacked adequate participation from Africans to give it the "African" flavor. Perhaps it was due to financial limitations, which is understandable. In future, I hope the organizing committee find ways of involving more African film makers, actors, and film scholars.

The festival is clearly CJMC's brainchild, and CJMC pulled off a very impressive show! Being able to secure some funding and involving government Ministers, Members of Parliament and Diplomats is not easy! It imbued the show with gravitas -- kudos to Dr.Manju and her team!

Prof. ( Ph.D) Aaron Mushengyezi
Associate Professor & Dean School of Languages, Literature and Communication - Makerere University

Sister Dominic Dipio

The festival was indeed successful in bringing awareness about Africa through the lens of the camera. I feel what stands out, in my regard, is the potential film has to bridge gaps and create relationships on the frontier of culture. One thing I witnessed was how enthusiastic the African expat community in Nepal were at the prospect of having this festival grow. You do have a potential pool of energy in them which could help the festival reach new heights. They could be better involved in this initiative as I observed, it meant a lot to them.

Perhaps, funds allowing, more films could enter for screening, and more days, say 3 full days, allotted to screening diverse films from Nepal and Africa (Africa is a continent with many faces and diversities) to give a sense of the diversity of the continent.

One great thing about the festival, small as it presently is, is the fact that the politicians in Kathmandu show interest in it. This signifies hope for building its capacity as a cultural hub.
I notice you are the driving energy and you have tremendous amount of connections that could all work as capital for growing this festival. I do hope the festival grows stronger, and engages more Nepalese. I do hope, Nepali's desire to know and understand Africa grows too. Then the Festival would have no reason not to grow year after year.

Sister Dominic Dipio
Film Director,
Lecturer at Makerere University

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